Pavneet Sembhi

In a world of lines and squiggles


Hello, I'm Pavneet (most people call me Pav) and I am a self-taught illustrator based in London specialising in hand drawn detailed illustrations. My process involves exploring geometry, patterns, textures and structures to then develop fun but meaningful drawings. 

I'm not one for limiting myself so I work on all types of illustration from editorial to tattoo commissions and wall murals. I have drawn for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, BBC, Hearst Publishing, Dead Canary Comics, Tattify and Derbby Art. 

I absolutely love to collaborate with people from different artistic practices, so far this has included photography, origami, watercolour painting, writing, poetry, graphic design, laser wood engraving and tattoo art. Get in touch with me if you want to collaborate! 

If I am not drawing you can find me watching a Louis Theroux documentary or some sort of Law/Crime/Horror programme, reading a book from my book club or exploring London. 

If you have an idea just drop me an email me and we can chat: