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Desktop Wallpaper Download - September 2017

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As many of you may know, I just got married! It has been an absolutely crazy month full of ups and downs so to help me stay sane throughout all the madness (Indians weddings are non-stop celebrations!) I created a mandala for this month's desktop download. 

For those of you who already create mandalas you will know there is a great sense of calm and peace you will find in the process. I used this as an opportunity for me to focus on new lines and new details whenever I could get a little break from all the wedding planning and preparation. 

There is something about September that feels like a new beginning, maybe it's just programmed in us from our days at school or maybe that's just me?! I always see a mandala as exactly that, as a new beginning, an opportunity to create something new and wonderful - because however you create a mandala I find it always ends up looking beautiful. 

You can have your own little slice of beauty on your desktop for the whole of this month, all you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

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1920×1200 pixels

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Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy your meditative mandala and perhaps it will remind you to find some peace and focus in your days. 


Desktop Wallpaper Download - August 2017

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Happy first day of August! This month's download is inspired by sacred geometry, a concept where sacred meaning is placed upon geometric shapes and formations. It can be found all over the world, often in religious places of worship where the design and even the structure are often based on sacred geometry. 

This type of geometry involves a variety of shapes drawn in a very specific order to create intricate patterns. Interestingly you find these geometric patterns in nature all the time, some examples include our own DNA, pine cones, snowflakes, flower petals and the centre of a sunflower. 

The key to sacred geometry is the intersection of lines and so I took this idea and created this illustration. Hopefully this month's desktop download will make you appreciate the miracle of nature AND maths! Start your sacred maths adventure right here...

All you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

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Thank you for reading and I hope this reminds you to take a moment to realise how many tiny mathematical miracles happened just to create YOU and those flowers in your garden! 

Desktop Wallpaper Download - July 2017

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Happy July! Wow where is the time going, we are officially into the second half of the year. Is it just me or does the second half of the year just fly by and before you know it it's Christmas... maybe that's just me. Anyway this month we have something a little different in terms of the layout, let me know what you think of it. 

This one is a take on my "mother-boarding" technique and is sort of like the inner workings of a computer/brain/time machine. So that you guys can see how these desktops take shape I took some progress photos of this one and will do a little blog post to show you how to recreate this yourself. 

I am hoping just like all my other desktop downloads this one will play around in your imagination. And I also hope it will be a happy reminder that you can change/break the rules any time you so please! 

 All you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

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1920×1200 pixels

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Thank you for reading and try to break the rules a bit this month or break out of your usual routine... and if you can't think of anything try having breakfast for dinner :)

Desktop Wallpaper Download - June 2017

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Yay June is here! I have spent the last few weeks absolutely loving the beautiful sunsets in London and it has inspired me to create this sunrise-y illustration. There is something about watching the sun set where everything feels quiet and still, like you are watching a little mini miracle, even though it happens each and every day. 

Now I don't know about you but when the sky looks like its on fire and you can see every shade of orange, red, pink and yellow, I have the uncontrollable urge to snap a photo of it. And yet the photo never ever does it any justice! I guess it is one of those moments you just want to share with people but it's only ever truly experienced in person. 

Maybe where you are in the world you don't get to see many beautiful sunsets or perhaps you see ones on a daily basis, either way I hope this sunset illustration shines some colourful rays of happiness into your month :)

 All you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

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1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

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Thank you as always for reading and being a part of my doodling journey and I hope your days are as colourful as this illustration! Have a great month everyone :) 

Desktop Wallpaper Download - May 2017

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Happy May Day! Hope those of you in the UK enjoyed your bank holiday and those of you everywhere else enjoyed your first Monday of the month. Many of you will know I love working on weird and wonderful designs filled with shapes, patterns, shading, dots, lines and everything else I can conjure up in my imagination. And soooo I thought it was about time to create a desktop that was completely abstract. 

I just love these abstract drawings because every person interprets them differently. For some reason to me it feels like the logo for a villain from a superhero movie! Or the emblem of some sort of secret underground society formed on the Dark Net. What does it make you think of? 

Hopefully with this wallpaper you can explore your imagination and see what your mind conjures up. And each time you see it, look a little longer to absorb the details. Perhaps even print it off and extend it. All you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

1280×800 pixels

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1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

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Thanks for reading and I hope this wallpaper brings you some weird and wonderful doodle vibes! Maybe it will even inspire you to pick up a pen and draw something fantastical :)

Desktop Wallpaper Download - April 2017

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It's that time again, it comes around so fast! So it seems like literally everyone around me is either on holiday or is about to go and I would LOVE to be in some little European city right now. So instead I channeled my love of travelling into this China-blue Mediterranean tiles inspired desktop wallpaper. 

Maybe you are also dreaming of white villas, blue seas and tropical trees so now you can feel a slice of holiday everyday of April. I have always had a fascination with those beautiful Mediterranean tiles that have such intricate patterns in blue and orangey tones, is it just me who loves them? 

So let yourself be transported to an exotic far away land where the sun is shining, you have a cool drink in your hand and all your worries just float away. Just click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

1280×800 pixels

1440×900 pixels

1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

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Thanks for reading and I hope this wallpaper brings some warm holiday vibes your way! 

The Story behind my Full Pagers

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Hello there friends, I would like to share with you the story of how my Full Pagers started out. You may have already heard this but I wanted to share it with you in depth because I learnt a few lessons that I believe can be applied to pretty much everything in life. 

Below are the four Full Pagers I have drawn so far, each is 210x130mm (the size of a Moleskine Journal notebook) and created entirely using Pigma Micron  pens. Usually each collection of work I produce is planned and carefully collated but the secret with this collection is that I had no intention whatsoever of creating it!

Altar of the Empire; Illusions; Tangled; Inner Workings.

Altar of the Empire; Illusions; Tangled; Inner Workings.

If you look at Altar of the Empire (the first Full Pager), the middle section up to where all the long shapes start protruding out was originally a one off abstract piece I started. Even if I'm unhappy about how a piece is turning out I will always complete it. This one however was just NOT working and quite frankly I hated it - it was the first time I left a piece in my journal unfinished. 

And so this piece sat in my journal incomplete and abandoned. I felt like I had been defeated. There have been other times I have struggled with a piece but there was something about this one where I felt lost, I didn't know which direction to take it in to save it.

As it sat there in my notebook it niggled at me. Taunting me. A little mini failure. And it is okay to fail sometimes but I just didn't like the feeling. After a while I came back to it and the idea popped into my mind to just fill the whole page, I told myself it doesn't matter what it looks like or how it feels or if you like it just DO IT.

I looked back at some old holiday photos and found one of the altar in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. If you observe the top you can see those long golden rays coming out of the circle - now take a look at Altar of the Empire and see if you can notice how it influenced my illustration. With some fresh inspiration and a clear mindset I was able to dive back into it.  Having never done a full page illustration like this before it was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to use the edges of the paper as part of the drawing. In the end it seemed best to let the lines run off the page as though it continued endlessly. Much of the time spent on this was staring at the page wondering where to place the next line! But I am so SO happy I went back to it, otherwise I would never have discovered the world of Full Pagers. 

Now every few months I work on a new one as a little challenge to see what I can create. As each of them start out in the centre and then work their way out they are structurally and conceptually similar, however the detailing, linework and patterns of each one are actually quite different so it creates a whole different feeling. I wonder when you look at all four do they look similar to you or very different? 

So here is a little list of lessons I learnt from this experience that can also be applied any time you are met with resistance:

  1. Persevere - Don't worry about how long it takes, just don't give up. Keep going back to it and day by day it will turn into a masterpiece. 
  2. Take a step back - Sometimes you need a break so you can look at a problem with fresh eyes. It might be a short break like a little walk or perhaps a bit longer, either way step back and refresh. 
  3. Trust your ability - This is the hardest one, just say yes even if it scares you and believe that you will figure out a way to do it once you have committed yourself. 
  4. Magic is in the unknown - You will discover more of yourself and others when you explore the untraveled path, maybe you will have a good experience or maybe not, but you will grow and learn.
  5. You have nothing to lose - Worst case scenario you fail and then what? Nothing. Life carries on and so do you. 
  6. Always challenge yourself - It is when you push yourself to be better that you discover what you are really capable of. Write a list of things you have never done before and work through it, it can be as optimistic and adventurous as you like. 
  7. Attack fear - Where there is fear there is possibility and opportunity. Overcoming that fear will take you and your skills to the next level. If you are scared of it then it's time to attack it head on! 
  8. Change your mindset - If you aren't enjoying whatever you are doing then it's not the task itself but the way you are doing it. Change the way you are viewing your actions, rather than you "have" to finish something, think of it as you "get" to finish it. Enjoy the ride. 

I hope by telling this story it inspires you or helps you during your own struggles whether it be in your career, hobby, personal life, relationships etc. Hope you have a great day and thanks so much for reading :)

Desktop Wallpaper Download - March 2017

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Well I don't know how it is where you are but over here in London its been rainy, we even had a storm called Doris wreak havoc! So I decided to turn the cloudy rainy weather into something more positive and give you a cloud like you have probably never seen before. Just imagine if all the clouds looked like this! 

As it is officially the first day of Spring I am hoping we see a bit of sunshine and a few flowers pop up, what is the weather like where you are? Us Brits seem to be completely and utterly obsessed by weather, maybe because you never quite know what you will get over here! 

I hope this strange looking cloud will show you that even the things that bring rain can also be a source of inspiration. This month try and turn a bad situation into something more positive, send me a message if you want to share your story with me. 

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Hope you like this month's wallpaper and please let me know if you have any feedback! If you are finding the wallpapers don't fit your screen or anything like that let me know. 

Thanks as always for your support and hope you enjoy your funky cloud wallpaper :0 


Desktop Wallpaper Download - February 2017

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February is here and it's time for another desktop download! So this month's theme is COSMIC - thought I would ease you in with the January mandalas but now it is time to get quirky. Let your imagination wonder, your curiosity creep out and your creativity flow. 

Try something I heard of recently called "Star Therapy" (maybe it was sky but I prefer star) Look up at at starry nights sky and just let all your worries float away. This illustration will be a reminder to you to take a moment and pause, reflect and realise it's all going to be okay. 

Or if you prefer it's just a strange looking cosmic spaceship that might spark a little creativity when you see it. Whatever it is you see I hope it will brighten your day and make you feel that there are infinite possibilities out there. 

Subscribe to the newsletter so you don't miss out on each month's download. Let your cosmic adventure through time and space and parallel universes begin here: 

1280×800 pixels

1440×900 pixels

1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

Hope you like this month's wallpaper and please let me know if you have any feedback! If you are finding the wallpapers don't fit your screen or anything like that write a comment or email and I will see what I can do!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful mystic cosmic February :) 

Desktop Wallpaper Download - January 2017

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Happy New Year to you all! I hope your year is full of exciting opportunities and if you find yourself daydreaming a lot, maybe try and make those daydreams a reality. I know many of you have all sorts of passions and dreams but these come with fear and self doubt so if you find yourself making decisions based on the latter take a moment to reflect and make a change this year. 

As a massive thank you for your continued support I have decided each month I will upload a desktop wallpaper for you to download and use. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter if you don't already so you get an email at the start of every month with your next calendar.


Mandalas often represent life and the universe so I felt it would be a great theme to start the year with. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for other ideas. Get your very own desktop wallpaper here and join in the adventure:

1280×800 pixels

1440×900 pixels

1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

Thanks again as always for all the support, comments, shares and purchases, if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be where I am. I hope the calendars will share a little bit of joy and happiness :)

Using Prismacolour Pencils

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After Inktober I always go a little bit quiet because projects, commissions and basically my whole life gets put on hold for a month. So November is usually spent catching up and getting back into the swing of things. Now I have finally got a chance to tell you guys about how I found it and what I did differently this year. 

For those of you who have been following my work for a while you will know my pieces tend to be black and white but this year I decided to switch things up. It is SO SO SO important to keep learning and experimenting, you never really know what you are capable of until you try.

Over the years illustrators I have worked with or know of have raved about Prismacolor's pencils and so when it came to deciding which brand to use it was a bit of a no-brainer.

Having never used colouring pencils in my illustrations before I ambitiously decided half my inktober drawings would be created with a combination of my usual Pigma Microns and Prismacolor pencils. So yes this could have been a complete disaster!

I chose the basic 24 pencil set to start with just in case I discovered colouring pencils were not the right tool for me, although there are sets that include 72 and even 150 different shades! You can also get a blender which on reflection I probably should have purchased but hey you live and you learn.

The first thing I want to share with you guys is how rewarding it was to learn a whole new skill. Once you have done something for so long it becomes second nature and you just don't need to engage your brain as much. Learning how to use the pencils made the whole month more fun, exciting and challenging. In a whole month of illustrations I now know I won't be happy with every single one but the beauty of this kind of challenge is you end up surprising yourself.

I have included my two favourite pieces above - the Chameleon and the Peacock. Honestly I could never have imagined being able to bring these two creatures to life in this way, it was thoroughly enjoyable to observe their natural form and then find a way to recreate this using the colouring pencils. Now I am on a mission to keep finding new materials to bring into my illustrations, some may work and some may not but it is worth finding out.

The hardest thing to figure out was which colours to use and how to blend them. For each drawing I always used a reference photo so generally the colours derived from there - you can see my set up in the photo, this is while I was drawing the Cairns Butterfly. On little scraps of paper or in my notebook I would practice combinations that I thought could work well. You can see the scribbles for both the dragonflies, the chameleon and the peacock in the photo, it took quite a few attempts to get it right! 

I discovered a few blending techniques that really made the drawing flow better. I put down lighter layers as a base first and then brought in darker shades. To blend colours I used the white pencil to get rid of that pencil texture you usually get with colouring pencils - this can probably be achieved best with the colourless blender I mentioned earlier. I also made sure for eac illustration I pre-selected the pencils to use (so I wasn't aimlessly using a million different colours) and where possible I chose a colour palette that usually included at least one light, medium and dark shade even though I was quite limited in colours e.g. it could be black, dark brown, light brown or pale pink, pale lilac and dark purple. In all honesty I was making this all up as I went along but that is the only way to learn really! There were plenty of mistakes I made along the way but it is through those mistakes that you master a skill and perfect a technique. 

Now the butterflies (and one moth) were just so fun to work on because there are ENDLESS species each with their very own pattern and form. I went with ones that had a distinctive pattern so they could easily be identified. It is always important to me to stay true to form and colour (where possible with the limited palette) so that the natural beauty is only enhanced rather than lost. The focus of the Moth was just the colours rather than the detail making this a real challenge, but I persevered and discovered that actually with some patience I can master the colouring pencils alone - my Jellyfish below was slightly less successful but I was still getting the hang of using them at this stage. 

All the comments and feedback for the colour illustrations have been amazing this year and I really really really appreciate it, thank you to you and your eyes for taking the time to look at my work, I hope it brought you some joy! You can buy some of the Inktober prints in my Shop in case you are interested.

If you are thinking of trying something new my advice would be GO FOT IT! What have you got to lose right? 

I'm a Fraud!

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Me taking over the world

As well as share my artwork and projects, occasionally I would like to share with you any thoughts that relate to being a creative person/human being in the hope that it will resonate with some of you, maybe even reassure or help you.  This might be a bit of a rambling one! 

Yesterday I went to a stationary shop to find some plain paged notebooks for jotting down ideas and plans. As I was paying for the notebooks the lovely guy at the till said "Are you planning to take over the world?", I laughed and said "Isn't that what we are all trying to do?". So this left me thinking 2 things:

  1. He probably has no idea how much of an impact that made on me, or maybe he does and he is one of the few who uses his superpowers in the way we all should. Spread a bit of joy wherever you can, with the people you know but even more so with the people you don't. Everyone has their own inner battles and you might just make their day. Also this is customer service at its best.
  2. Yes I do want to take over the world but I am always doubting myself too much to do that!

In recent conversations the same thing seems to be coming up among the creatives I speak to (although it could be everyone else too). You know when someone says something and suddenly you just think "Thank god it's not just me", well that is what happens every time this topic comes up: Self Doubt. Do you experience a constant struggle between feeling like you can take over the world and then completely talking yourself out of it? And yet you keep going and eventually (hopefully) you do get there.



I'll be honest, a lot of the time I feel like I have no idea if I am doing the right thing or doing things the right way. I know that there is no right way and yet I still think about this all the time. As someone who did not study anything remotely creative (I studied Law) I have this constant feeling of not deserving success, like there are people who went through years of education who deserve it more. I also feel like I don't have the authority to give advice or be considered an illustrator for the same reason. 

Of course objectively I know this is a load of rubbish, plenty of people change direction, work hard and become established in a new industry. And so that brings me to a nice little thing I learnt recently about what to do when this happens. Just think to yourself "what would I say to my best friend?" - we can effortlessly give good advice to our friends but we hold ourselves to ridiculous standards. 

Okay and then there is this concept that I have no doubt many of you will recognise. One of my friends recently brought up the "Impostor Syndrome" to which we universally laughed and shouted "THAT'S ME!". So what is Impostor Syndrome you ask? Well it is basically when you constantly fear being exposed as a fraud and no matter what you achieve you still think you aren't actually good at anything. Please put your hand up if this is you. Both my hands are up because this is me every. single. day. 

Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed

Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed


I did a little research into this syndrome and discovered that although it tends to be women affected by this, there are also men who suffer from the same problem. There is a dread of being discovered as a phony, a sham, a fake, a fraud, like you simply do not deserve to have the authority or to be called an expert in the field. If you recognise these symptoms you can start working on reducing that voice in your head and acknowledging that your successes, whilst partly due to luck, are also down to you. 

There are people like Tina Fey and Maya Angelou and Tom Hanks (see below the article by Kyle Eschenroeder), the kind of people that are factually NOT frauds, who have confessed to having Impostor Syndrome. And from that comes the solution - be honest and open about how you feel. Often the feeling of inadequacy comes from thinking everyone else has their life together all the time, that we are the only ones feeling this way. 

Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed

Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed

I won't go into too much detail about what you can do about it because quite frankly other people have covered it much better than I ever will (is this my Imposer Syndrome talking!?) but if this seems familiar to you then you absolutely MUST read these articles:

Good luck on your plan to take over the world and be happy!

Artistic World Collaboration

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Artistic World

Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram I was lucky to be part of this incredible collaboration with Dino Tomic @dinotomic, Vince Okerman @vexx_art, Jonna Lamminaho @scandy_girl, Elia Pellegrini @elia_pelle and Jonas Jödicke @jojoesart. If you don't already know about them then you are seriously missing out, they are all immensely talented and produce stunning artwork. 

The concept was to have six artists each draw a hand with a pencil in it pointing towards the world. For each of us art is our way of life and we use it to make the world a little better, art has the power to bring people together to share a feeling of community and happiness. Whether you enjoy creating yourself or prefer to admire the art of others, either way you will no doubt recognise that emotion of wonder you get when you stumble across artwork that connects with you. We were able to show how varying art can be and maybe open people's eyes to a new style.

Now I was the last person to add to the piece so I felt unusually nervous, in fact it was the most anxious I have ever felt about starting a collaboration! When you have this massive original in front of you with five pieces of mind blowing contributions, the pressure is on to NOT RUIN IT!

The process to create the final design involved first drawing the hand outline - this was not my strong point. After lots of sketching I eventually took a photo of my hand and used that as a template - I won't show you my first attempt at drawing a hand but let's just say it didn't look right at all (maybe one day I will post a picture of the hand so you can all have a laugh haha!)

Just so that I could guarantee I would be happy with the final outcome I then actually practiced mini concepts. Below you can see those practice designs - I haven't ever worked on something that required this level of dimension so it was a case of creating a concept that included my style without losing the form of the individual fingers. I played around with floral designs, dotwork and linework. At the bottom you can see the design I went with in the end - I tried to use a combination of styles so it felt like an evolution of patterns. 

The only way I could get the shading and dimension right on the hand would be to use basic linework. Below you can see the sort of pattern that is incorporated close up. As with all my pieces, I always challenge myself not to just repeat the same patterns, this makes it more fun for me and more visually interesting.  By using a sort of ribbed design that followed the form of the hand with a slight curve to each one I was able to give it more dimension. Although a lot of this detail gets lost when looking at the piece as a whole, I think it's nice that anyone looking at the original will be able to see all the tiny details.  

Next up was the shading of the hand, this was vital to get right so that you could really see the fingers in the background. You can see below the difference shading makes where the hand and wrist meet - I hadn't added any shading to the wrist at this stage and it looked very two dimensional in comparison. 

Once the hand was complete I could really get stuck into the wrist where there was more room for experimenting and no need to worry about form as much. I stuck roughly to the design from my initial concept and just tweaked a few little bit as I went along. The floral part had to flow nicely from the pattern above it so I used small leaves to transition between the two styles. You can see below that there is no harsh line where the two styles meet, instead I drew the leaves in a random-like fashion so it looked more organic and free flowing.

I tend to draw a pencil outline of any floral design first so I can get the flowers right. Then it is just a case of colouring in the black bits in between and adding the detail and shading. The beauty of the floral pattern was that I could let the design end organically with a few little leaves scattered for a nice effect.  

And here is the final design! In the end I was really happy with how it came out and it taught me a really big lesson in terms of my art: push your boundaries and see what you can achieve. As you can see from my process above it took me a long time to get to the end product so if you think something is not your "natural talent" then just keep practicing and progressing, I promise you will see big changes. 

Collaborating is my absolute favourite thing to do, adding other people into the mix challenges your practice and you end up making new friends in the process. I felt especially grateful after this collab because these are artists who I admire greatly myself, to be part of a piece with them was an absolute privilege and hopefully there will be more to come! 

The final piece got a mental reaction online from people all over the world with so many people entering the giveaway, which was a nice way for us to give something back after all the amazing support we are given. I hope you all liked it and feel free as always to leave your thoughts as a comment. Thanks for reading! 

Let's Talk Pens

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So the question I get most is: What pens do you use? I have found some pens are better at certain things than others. The pen is so important to your illustration because it does so much more than bringing your idea to life.

With the right pen for you, you can work quickly, easily and achieve the exact linework you want. You also want to consider factors like the flow of the ink, the way it feels on the paper, the intensity of the colour, the lifetime of the nib. Paper also makes a MASSIVE difference to how the ink comes out. And ultimately it depends on what works for you. 

Here are some pen sets that I use often with my own pros and cons of each one. I have only really discussed black pens as most of my illustrations are black and white and these are my thoughts in relation to the types of illustrations I do. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom and I will get back to you. 

Sakura Pigma Micron

My go to pen is the Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing Pen. I now buy the 005's separately but a good place to start is this 6 pen set.


  • The black ink is so very black! It is the "blackest" ink I have found
  • The ink flow is great and it never smudges
  • You can create a variety of strokes with it so perfect for shading
  • It comes in a variety of sizes: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8 - 005 is the best for details
  • Best for artistic illustrations that do not need to be really crisp and clean
  • Good for Moleskines and sketchbooks


  • The smooth ink flow doesn't last long so the lines get less crisp quite quickly = getting through pens quickly 


These are the pens I tend use to use when drawing tattoo commissions.


  • Lines are clean and consistent 
  • It has a good range of thicker nibbed pens: XS, S, F, M, B and C 
  • The B pen (broad) is really great for filling black areas, it is really pigmented and is my favourite pen to use for this purpose


  • Shading is more difficult with these pens
  • XS is still not small enough to create the details you can with the 005 Pigma Micron 
  • Not ideal on Moleskine paper
  • For some reason I just do not enjoy creating freeflowing illustrations with these pens 


Although this is not their intended use, I use these pens for planning and sketching ideas. 


  • A lot of ink flows out of these pens, makes it really easy to quickly sketch and draw 
  • Even and fluid ink makes it great for getting a very animated feel to illustrations, ideal for a comic/cartoon sort of look 
  • Waterproof so good if you are adding watercolour on top 
  • Range of sizes: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07 & 08


  • Biggest con is that there is SO much ink that it can smudge very easily so I do not use it for final designs
  • The ink is not very black and is more of a dark grey 
  • Can bleed a lot on the wrong paper such as moleskines 
  • Definitely not the best pens for my style of illustration that requires absolute precision 


These pens are a good mix of the Pigma Micron and Faber-Castell. I use these mainly for commissioned projects requiring precise lines that will eventually be used as a graphic or on a product.


  • Crisp lines so easy to edit digitally e.g. for use on products or converting to vectors
  • Perfect for geometric and graphic designs 
  • Last a long time and very reliable 
  • The biggest range of sizes: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 1.0 & 1.2
  • Good for inking over pencil sketches and outlines


  • Does not easily facilitate artistic illustrations 
  • Not ideal for shading or adding depth to illustrations 
  • The black is not as black as the Pigma Micron and Faber Castell pens 
  • Nib has bent on a few occasions (but maybe I am just heavy handed!)
  • Have had some smudging issues with these pens 


So that is how I have found these four brands of pens. I have tried lots of other pens over the years and these are the ones I always return to. If you have any other pens you want advice on then please feel free to leave a comment and I will let you know if I have used them. 

If you are looking to invest in some pens but do not know where to start I would recommend buying around a 01/S of the types you are considering and testing them out to see how they work for you before committing to a whole set. Let me know your thoughts and I hope this helps!

Cosmic Love ft. Doodles

ListenPavneet Sembhi2 Comments

I know a lot of you have requested that I film a timelapse video of me drawing but the last time I tried it took SUCH a long time I haven't had the courage to try again, sorry! This is mainly because I am usually so close to my drawing that I have to consciously sit further back from the camera and well I keep forgetting and lots of frames end up being removed (unless anyone wants to just see shots of the top of my head).

I will try again one day but for now I thought I would share this video I made a few years ago. This was just when I started drawing so you will see there is not really any shading or depth but I always knew I loved lots of detail. The concept of this illustration was a temple of snakes, the idea came to me while I was on a bus. I liked the idea of mixing temples, usually holy places of worship, with snakes that are usually depicted in Western culture to be evil. I find it interesting to see what happens when you bring together clashing concepts from opposite ends of the spectrum.

It is always nice to go back and reflect on your work and past pieces, you can really see how much you have progressed as well as elements that have remained consistent. Generally I am a big believer of self-reflection and awareness but I don't do it as much with my illustrations as I probably should. Nowadays I am a lot more precise with my illustrations, the one in the video was done without any pencil sketches or grid lines - I can't imagine doing that now!

Why don't you look back on some of your older work or perhaps some of your earlier accomplishments to see how far you have come. Who knows, you may even be inspired by it. I know I personally realised how much I love to incorporate music with my illustrations, something I have neglected recently.

Anyway hope you enjoy watching the video, feel free to comment below with your thoughts :)

In case you are interested this is the song, I felt like it really complimented the timelapse:

My First Papercut

CreativityPavneet SembhiComment

When I first came across papercutting art I was in complete awe, the effect that can be created is so beautiful and delicate. I really love trying new crafty things so on one of my trips to Rymans I decided to pick up some bits so I could have a go myself. This is a little about my first papercutting experience, what I did, what I learnt and how you can try it out yourself. There are some great tutorials out there so I definitely advise youtubing and googling this some more if you want to give it a try. 

Okay so firstly the equipment I used:

  • Paper - silly of me but I bought some black card and then found the knife wouldn't actually cut it. I actually just used normal printer paper in the end but I will be researching into the best paper to use for next time. 
  • Hobby Knife - I used the Jakar Hobby Knife 
  • Cutting Mat - I got mine from Rymans and apparently its self healing!
  • Pencil 

The next thing to do is to plan what you want to cut out - I did a mandala design that I sort of made up as I went along each layer. The key thing to remember is that the whole piece needs to stay connected - if you cut the wrong bit a chuck of the design will just completely fall through (not sure how to explain this but if you try you will understand!) And if you are doing words then it will need to be a mirror image. 

It might be better to try with a simple design first and experiment a bit rather than stress yourself out like I did. As it was my first time papercutting, I was in extreme focus mode throughout and very worried I would cut the wrong bit. I did actually cut through a few of the lines and so had to make emergency plasters out of masking tape to fix it back together!  That's why I recommend practicing a lot more before attempting something this complex. 

If you draw your design with a blunt pencil the lines are really thick and you just need to cut out the space in between the lines. So that you can see how I did this I have included a photo of how it looked from the back, you can see all the pencil lines I drew. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that it REALLY does not matter if all the bits are not completely even, as long as it achieves the overall effect. Just take a look at one layer above, you will see many of the shapes are actually wonky and sort of all over the place.

I also discovered that small curves and small round circles are SO difficult to do. This probably again comes down to practice and learning how to use the knife - I ended up having to do a lot of reshaping because I was struggling to get the curve looking curvy, if that makes sense. If you are going to include little circles or curves I would advise doing some practice runs on another piece of paper first. 

As with drawing, I prefer there to be contrasting sections so in the same way I like there to be a range of dark and light areas in my illustrations, I tried to vary the straight and curvy lines as well as the thickness in certain areas. But this is down to personal preference, its just what I like. Here's a few progress photos so you can see how it grew:

I hope you give papercutting a try and please feel free to tag and send me photos of any of your papercuts! I am by no means an expert but I hope this helps and gives you an insight into papercutting. If you want to check out some other artists who do this sort of artwork then look at the artwork of Rebecca Loechler, Mr Riu and Sarah Dennis - they are all incredibly talented.

Continent Series

Pavneet SembhiComment

I will be honest with you guys, I started drawing as an escape from my 9-5 and I honestly could never have imagined having so many people on the journey with me. So THANK YOU a million trillion times! Whether it's a follow, a like or a comment, it all means I can share my work further and hopefully make an impact on someone :) 

After reaching 100,000 followers on Instagram I wanted to do a little series that represented how I feel about all of this. And it only seemed right that it would be something to do with all of you guys. I mean it's so cool that people from all over the world not only follow but buy my artwork. That means a bit of me is in countries I haven't even been too! I'll never quite get over that! 

I try to bring together my drawings and travel whenever I can so the Continent Series just made perfect sense. This is a little behind the scenes of how I drew this series. You can buy the Limited Edition prints of them here

1. Grid lines and pencil sketches

Each Continent drawing started with a pencil grid to help keep everything symmetrical and in line. When I first started drawing I didn't really use grid lines and pencil outlines but with ones like this that require absolute precision, grid lines and sketches are very helpful. 

Then I researched that particular Continent to compile ideas of landmarks, architecture and scenery in those countries. I even took a trip to my local library in Richmond Upon Thames to get some inspiration from travel guides and books. 

Then I started planning out the composition of the piece, picking imagery that I felt represented that Continent and that was particularly recognisable. Below you can see the pencil sketch for the Europe drawing. 

2. Inking the outline

Next I started going over the outline using my Pigma Micron Pen (I have included a link at the end of the post to where you can buy this product on Amazon in case you are interested in using it yourself). At this stage I sometimes changed the composition of the drawing depending on how I felt it was looking e.g. in the Australia one below you can see there were some bits of coral coming out of the skyscrapers that I didn't ink because I thought they might look a bit strange! 

Australia Outline.jpg

3. Shading and adding details

The final stage is where the drawing starts coming to life, its all in the details, my favourite part of illustrating. Depending on what I was working on, I sometimes made up techniques as I went along to capture the texture or detail, for example, I had never worked on something like the green mountains surrounding the Great Wall of China so I developed these sort of small tight randomly arranged curls to achieve that look. You can see this technique in the mountains of the South America and Asia drawings. 

I really hope that I was able to connect with each and every one of you on this series. Our home, where we live, work and play, is a part of our identity and naturally we feel such immense pride about where we come from. I know I wasn't able to include every country in the drawings and for that I am truly sorry but trust me if I could I would! I would just be working on that for a while...  

But anyway THANK YOU again for following my work. Maybe one day we will meet and can be more than just social media friends! 

And lastly you can grab the pens I use to do the outline and details of these sketches here, hope it helps you on your sketching journey:

Origami meets ink

CollaborationsPavneet Sembhi1 Comment

From the first moment I came across the wonderful work of Ross Symons aka @white_onrice I have been a massive fan of his magnificent little creations. Now I admit I don't know much about origami but I do know that Ross is GREAT at it. 

I noticed many of his beautiful origami creations were made from plain coloured paper and wondered to myself how they would turn out on patterned paper. So I got in touch with Ross to see what he thought and thankfully he was on board straight away.

Ross suggested that as we had both worked on a dragonfly we should bring these two together. What a brilliant idea!

So I began working on what I call "motherboarding". This consists of drawing various made up computer components. The real fun is in coming up with new variations and trying not to repeat the same concepts. When I initially worked on this technique I very carefully examined computer chips and motherboards to get an idea of what actual components look like. Now I tend to experiment a lot more.

As soon as I had finished a block of this design I sent it over to Ross who created what can only be described as a MASTERPIECE. Here is a close up of the final origami dragonfly made from from the motherboarding illustration. To think something like this can be created from just one piece of paper is truly incredible and reminds me of the beauty that us human beings can create! 

Definitely go and check out more of Ross's work on his website where you will seriously become just as obsessed with his origami as I am. Take a look at his Stop Motion Animations, they are unreal!

10 Reasons to be Creative

CreativityPavneet Sembhi1 Comment

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed making things.  I think as children we all enjoy being crafty and creative, we like to explore and make and experiment. But as we get older sometimes we can get stuck in a routine and forget about that childlike wonder and curiosity.  

I'm a big believer in having a creative outlet, whether it's a musical instrument, painting, knitting, making plane models, literally anything as long as you are making something.  

Here are 10 reasons I think it's great to be creative, hopefully I can persuade you to get in touch with your creative side:  

1. Quite simply it is better than watching tv, browsing social media or being on your phone. Technology distances us from the real world and although we always feel "connected", it can also be quite a lonely place. Sometimes it is good to just uplug.

2. It gives you a moment to tune out all the other stuff going on in your life. It's basically like yoga without the physical demands.  

3. By the end of each creation you have achieved something and this makes you feel good about yourself, boosting your self esteem. This is great if you suffer from low self-confidence or self-worth. 

4. It should be fun! Keep going through different crafts and skills until you find something that makes you happy. 

5. It's particularly good if you have a job that doesn't involve being creative. You are using different parts of your brain and that's always a good thing.  It could even help with your day job and give you a new way of thinking. 

6. Art Therapy is a practice used to help people express themselves emotionally, and for me personally, drawing is like keeping a journal. Maybe not everything creative will give you this kind of benefit but most can do.

7. Creativity feeds more creativity. And you never know what ideas you might stumble across, who knows you may come up with an invention!  

8. You are developing a skill that could lead to other opportunities. Possibly even career opportunities.

9. You can meet other people who are interested in what you do and speak to like minded people. There's nothing quite like talking to people who feel as passionately about something as you do.

10. You become an even more interesting person! I'm big on self-development and it's great to find new things to do. 

And as an alternative to a creative hobby you can always make presents and gifts for friends and family. It's always good fun and the person receiving it is bound to love the effort and thought that went into it.  

Just don't be deterred if at first you are not a pro, no one is at first!