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10 Reasons to be Creative

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For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed making things.  I think as children we all enjoy being crafty and creative, we like to explore and make and experiment. But as we get older sometimes we can get stuck in a routine and forget about that childlike wonder and curiosity.  

I'm a big believer in having a creative outlet, whether it's a musical instrument, painting, knitting, making plane models, literally anything as long as you are making something.  

Here are 10 reasons I think it's great to be creative, hopefully I can persuade you to get in touch with your creative side:  

1. Quite simply it is better than watching tv, browsing social media or being on your phone. Technology distances us from the real world and although we always feel "connected", it can also be quite a lonely place. Sometimes it is good to just uplug.

2. It gives you a moment to tune out all the other stuff going on in your life. It's basically like yoga without the physical demands.  

3. By the end of each creation you have achieved something and this makes you feel good about yourself, boosting your self esteem. This is great if you suffer from low self-confidence or self-worth. 

4. It should be fun! Keep going through different crafts and skills until you find something that makes you happy. 

5. It's particularly good if you have a job that doesn't involve being creative. You are using different parts of your brain and that's always a good thing.  It could even help with your day job and give you a new way of thinking. 

6. Art Therapy is a practice used to help people express themselves emotionally, and for me personally, drawing is like keeping a journal. Maybe not everything creative will give you this kind of benefit but most can do.

7. Creativity feeds more creativity. And you never know what ideas you might stumble across, who knows you may come up with an invention!  

8. You are developing a skill that could lead to other opportunities. Possibly even career opportunities.

9. You can meet other people who are interested in what you do and speak to like minded people. There's nothing quite like talking to people who feel as passionately about something as you do.

10. You become an even more interesting person! I'm big on self-development and it's great to find new things to do. 

And as an alternative to a creative hobby you can always make presents and gifts for friends and family. It's always good fun and the person receiving it is bound to love the effort and thought that went into it.  

Just don't be deterred if at first you are not a pro, no one is at first!