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I know this collaboration was over the summer but I didn't have a blog then so I hope you don't mind me writing a little post on it now.

Now although people have had my designs tattooed on their skin, I never even thought about temporary tattoos until the lovely guys at Tattify got in touch with me.

Usually due to bleeding of the ink, the linework of tattoos cannot be too close otherwise they will just end up blurring. For this very reason I decided to draw the tattoos as detailed as possible and in keeping with my usual style; this way you could wear something that could not even possibly be a tattoo but still looked real!

If I had a tattoo it would probably be a mandala, they are harmonious and timeless. And so this formed the basis for many of the designs. As always I like to add a little twist, so where possible I still made sure they were a little different and perhaps something you had never seen before.

In case you are interested in the thought process behind the designs, I have picked my favourite three and will share with you how they came about. Treasure Trove, the first of the designs just below, was based on jewels and gems, a sort of take on jewellery. I wanted it to feel extravagant but still elegant so I focused on a few floral details combined with a rounded overall form and little bits of curved lines to make it feel softer.

Flowerage, the middle design below, is my take on a flower. I'm not one for drawing things that look pretty in the conventional sense and so it ended up being a mandala meets flower. The last one, Ice Queen, was based on a snowflake and the overall "icey" look was achieved by using mainly small sharp lines and shapes. You can see close ups of these designs in the Gallery.

What I like most about temporary tattoos is that each person can wear them in a completely different way. I might think it goes perfectly on a wrist and you might see it working on your neck! But wherever it goes, it completely transforms you. Never have I ever been more persuaded to get a real tattoo. It even had me thinking of concepts for my own tattoo!

I hope that if you do manage to wear one you are left every so often catching a glimpse of it and getting lost in the detail that now forms a part of you.

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 Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove