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Why I listen to Mr Suicide Sheep

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So one day I stumbled across these mixes on a Youtube channel called Mr Suicide Sheep and this is when my life changed. They are without a doubt the most energy changing transforming sounds I can have playing in my ears. Oh and the corresponding photographs are equally pleasing to my eyes. Andddd in one word, it is beautiful.

When I'm drawing to these mixes I feel so energised and inspired, its real brain food, honestly it makes me feel like the cells in my body are having a party, but in a productive way, if that's possible!

I think this was the first one I ever heard:

The Taking You Higher series of mixes are simply mind-blowing out-of-this-world other-worldy wonderful. I am no music expert and I don't want this to be a review of progressive house (whatever that is!) but these mixes are genuinely so so powerful.

Now I have one addiction in life; I love reading people's comments. Sometimes I won't even read an article much, I just like to know what other people think. So on one of my Mr Suicide Sheep sessions, listening to Take You Higher Part 4, I scrolled down to read the following:

"Our time in this world is preciously finite. Choosing what to do with it is what matters. The common path is safest, but the road untraveled is what makes life worth living.

We all have the spirit of a true explorer within us, one capable of venturing into the unknown without fear of getting lost. What fuels this desire to head into uncharted territory is the knowledge that risk brings high reward.

This mix embodies that feeling of standing on the precipice of the event horizon. Knowing that forging beyond the point of no return will reveal a new frontier." - Dan Scarcelli, Made In Dancouver

This comment practically made me cry. It sums up how I feel when I listen to this music and, in fact, how we should approach life. It is now printed out and framed on my desk to remind me of this.

We are not inspired every moment of every day but that's okay. Just keep searching for those moments when you are and then repeat it as much as you can. Take a little break every so often though, so you can come back and wonder as you did the first time.