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Origami meets ink

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From the first moment I came across the wonderful work of Ross Symons aka @white_onrice I have been a massive fan of his magnificent little creations. Now I admit I don't know much about origami but I do know that Ross is GREAT at it. 

I noticed many of his beautiful origami creations were made from plain coloured paper and wondered to myself how they would turn out on patterned paper. So I got in touch with Ross to see what he thought and thankfully he was on board straight away.

Ross suggested that as we had both worked on a dragonfly we should bring these two together. What a brilliant idea!

So I began working on what I call "motherboarding". This consists of drawing various made up computer components. The real fun is in coming up with new variations and trying not to repeat the same concepts. When I initially worked on this technique I very carefully examined computer chips and motherboards to get an idea of what actual components look like. Now I tend to experiment a lot more.

As soon as I had finished a block of this design I sent it over to Ross who created what can only be described as a MASTERPIECE. Here is a close up of the final origami dragonfly made from from the motherboarding illustration. To think something like this can be created from just one piece of paper is truly incredible and reminds me of the beauty that us human beings can create! 

Definitely go and check out more of Ross's work on his website where you will seriously become just as obsessed with his origami as I am. Take a look at his Stop Motion Animations, they are unreal!