Desktop Wallpaper Download - November 2017

We are slowly descending into the Winter months and with that I wanted to celebrate the colours of Autumn before they have all gone. You may have seen my last inktober series where I created illustrations with a combination of colouring pencils and pens; this process seemed like the only way to truly represent the oranges and reds of Autumn. 

Small November.png

It has been a while since I last used colouring pencils and I forgot just how much I LOVE using them. The shading takes time, gently applying layer after layer to build up the gradation of colour, but eventually you get a beautiful transition from dark to light. The warming colours of Autumn always make me want to light up some candles and sit in front of a fire, is that just me? 

Enjoy the last moments of Autumn with this glowing desktop background and grab some apple cinnamon candles in preparation for the winter months! All you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

1280×800 pixels

1440×900 pixels

1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

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Thank you for reading and I hope you get to have a few candle-lit nights by the fire with a good old book. If that's your sort of thing of course!