Desktop Wallpaper Download - December 2017

Ahhhhh it's December!! No doubt the best month of the whole year, even though it suddenly gets VERY cold here in the UK everyone perks up, gets into the festive spirit (minus my husband who is very bah humbug) and enjoys a few too many drinks. Andddd apparently we had our first drop of snow yesterday WOOO! As you know, I love patterns and mandalas so I decided to create my very own abstract snowflake for this month's desktop download.


It was great fun looking through actual snowflake formations and another reminder of how symmetry is so often found in nature - they are literally natural mandalas! I let the snowflake organically form as I went along to see what interesting formation would evolve and it reminded me of that snowflake making activity you would do as a child. Definitely have to make some of those to hang from the ceiling on Christmas day! 

So get into the festive spirit with this snowflake desktop wallpaper - it's not overly Christmassy just in case you aren't a Christmas-head! All you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

1280×800 pixels

1440×900 pixels

1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

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Thank you for reading and I hope you get to have the most WONDERFUL December whether you celebrate Christmas or not!