Desktop Wallpaper Download - August 2017

Happy first day of August! This month's download is inspired by sacred geometry, a concept where sacred meaning is placed upon geometric shapes and formations. It can be found all over the world, often in religious places of worship where the design and even the structure are often based on sacred geometry. 

This type of geometry involves a variety of shapes drawn in a very specific order to create intricate patterns. Interestingly you find these geometric patterns in nature all the time, some examples include our own DNA, pine cones, snowflakes, flower petals and the centre of a sunflower. 

The key to sacred geometry is the intersection of lines and so I took this idea and created this illustration. Hopefully this month's desktop download will make you appreciate the miracle of nature AND maths! Start your sacred maths adventure right here...

All you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

1280×800 pixels

1440×900 pixels

1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

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Thank you for reading and I hope this reminds you to take a moment to realise how many tiny mathematical miracles happened just to create YOU and those flowers in your garden!