Desktop Wallpaper Download - September 2017

As many of you may know, I just got married! It has been an absolutely crazy month full of ups and downs so to help me stay sane throughout all the madness (Indians weddings are non-stop celebrations!) I created a mandala for this month's desktop download. 

For those of you who already create mandalas you will know there is a great sense of calm and peace you will find in the process. I used this as an opportunity for me to focus on new lines and new details whenever I could get a little break from all the wedding planning and preparation. 

There is something about September that feels like a new beginning, maybe it's just programmed in us from our days at school or maybe that's just me?! I always see a mandala as exactly that, as a new beginning, an opportunity to create something new and wonderful - because however you create a mandala I find it always ends up looking beautiful. 

You can have your own little slice of beauty on your desktop for the whole of this month, all you need to do is click on the link and save the wallpaper that fits your screen: 

1280×800 pixels

1440×900 pixels

1680×1050 pixels

1920×1200 pixels

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Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy your meditative mandala and perhaps it will remind you to find some peace and focus in your days.