Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my friends! After eating mountains of food and binge watching way too much TV its time to get back into the swing of things. I hope you enjoyed the last year of desktop wallpapers - it was my way of giving you a little something back. 


This year I thought I would change things up so I would love to hear from YOU about what you want to see more of - just leave a comment below or email me back. Perhaps you would like more blog posts about behind the scenes or tutorials on how to draw? Maybe more of the one hour doodle videos? Or something entirely new? 

With regards to New Years resolutions, well quite frankly I either don't set them at all or I 'fail' miserably at achieving them, is that just me?! This year my cousin mentioned that she does actually meet many of her resolutions by making them SMART. That means making them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. So here are my resolutions:

  1. To be more mindful of my time by using my new Trigg Life Mapper diary on a daily basis
  2. To work on at least one piece of artwork that takes me abroad so I can bring together my love of drawing and travelling
  3. To be more spontaneous in life - I have made a jar full of activities and I will pick one at random to do each week 
  4. To be less spontaneous in work - I sometimes get WAY too excited about a new idea without properly planning for it so I will allow at least two weeks to plan new ideas no matter how wonderful I think they are (using my new diary)
  5. To paint more often - My first love was painting and somehow with the busyness of life it got sidelined so I will make sure I find time to do a little painting once a week even if it's just for an hour 

Those are my specific five but just generally I would like to be kinder to myself and those around me, go on more adventures and leave behind the negative energy. I always try to be creative where possible but it's always so nice to share that with others - last year I volunteered at my local Day Centre to assist with art sessions and this year I will do something similar. 

I hope one of your resolutions includes something creative because I am positive it will make a big impact on your life in ways you didn't expect. Maybe you could make your own birthday cards this year? Honestly it is so easy, it can be just words or maybe a little drawing, many of mine are just stick man illustrations but it's personal and makes people laugh :) Whatever you do remember to make your resolutions SMART. Here is to a happy and healthy 2018!