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I know a lot of you have requested that I film a timelapse video of me drawing but the last time I tried it took SUCH a long time I haven't had the courage to try again, sorry! This is mainly because I am usually so close to my drawing that I have to consciously sit further back from the camera and well I keep forgetting and lots of frames end up being removed (unless anyone wants to just see shots of the top of my head).

I will try again one day but for now I thought I would share this video I made a few years ago. This was just when I started drawing so you will see there is not really any shading or depth but I always knew I loved lots of detail. The concept of this illustration was a temple of snakes, the idea came to me while I was on a bus. I liked the idea of mixing temples, usually holy places of worship, with snakes that are usually depicted in Western culture to be evil. I find it interesting to see what happens when you bring together clashing concepts from opposite ends of the spectrum.

It is always nice to go back and reflect on your work and past pieces, you can really see how much you have progressed as well as elements that have remained consistent. Generally I am a big believer of self-reflection and awareness but I don't do it as much with my illustrations as I probably should. Nowadays I am a lot more precise with my illustrations, the one in the video was done without any pencil sketches or grid lines - I can't imagine doing that now!

Why don't you look back on some of your older work or perhaps some of your earlier accomplishments to see how far you have come. Who knows, you may even be inspired by it. I know I personally realised how much I love to incorporate music with my illustrations, something I have neglected recently.

Anyway hope you enjoy watching the video, feel free to comment below with your thoughts :)

In case you are interested this is the song, I felt like it really complimented the timelapse: