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First blog post!

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Traveling through the Norwegian Fords

Traveling through the Norwegian Fords

Hello friends. I want to start this by saying I'm not a writer in any shape or form so please don't judge my poor grammar, punctuation or spelling! Please forgive me if I use too many commas or not enough or if my sentences are so poorly structured that you just want to look at the pictures. But bear with me and I hope you will read something useful.

So this is what you can expect from my blog:

  • Get to know me a little better
  • More about my work
  • Exciting news and projects
  • Reviews and lists of recommended stuff
  • What and who inspires me
  • Things I have learnt along the way
  • My adventures through the world
  • Inspirational things that will brighten your day

As you may have noticed from my online posts and updates, I don't talk much about myself. For me, it has always been about my artwork and sharing it with those that can connect with it.

But I realised recently when I'm admiring an artist's work, I want to know more about the person. So here I am writing this blog, looking forward to rambling on about what goes on in my chaotic mind.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see from my blog please comment below. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

I would like to share a quote I heard recently whilst watching an interview with India Arie, a soul singer who is as real and honest as they get. This pretty much sums up how I think we should all feel:

Your real job in this world is to be you.
— India Arie