Pavneet Sembhi

In a world of lines and squiggles

The Work

Along the way I have discovered some things that are integral to my work and what I am always trying to achieve, I would love to share this with you so you can understand me and my work a little better. If you would prefer to just take a look at the artwork then please feel free to explore the Gallery and Shop.

Hand drawn

There is nothing quite like something handmade. You can just feel the love and care that goes into each tiny part. So I am always on a mission to produce something with the heart of art but the standard of a machine!

I love to start with a blank piece of paper and see where a bit of imagination and a pen will take me. Sometimes I plan and other times I just go with the flow,.


If you haven't already noticed, I am completely obsessed with detail. This isn't something new. I have found drawings from when I was nine years old of intricate symmetrical squiggles!

There is something overwhelmingly lovely about overloading your eyes with a mass of detail. And overloading your mind with the possibilities of what you can create.

Something a little different

I am so inspired by other people and things around me but more than anything I want to take from that inspiration and create something completely unusual and unseen.

Something that excites me and I hope will excite others. Because our brains are most stimulated in unfamiliar territory.


Symmetry & Harmony

I'm not really an OCD person but I find harmony in symmetry. There is something very natural about symmetry, it can be found in most of nature, from fruit and veg to faces and animals. There are always small imperfections but there is nothing wrong with that, these should be embraced as part of the beauty.

For me personally, it feels like the symmetry gives me an escape from the noise and clutter of the world. A moment of focus and calm.


Curiosity & Intrigue

Do you remember as a child being curious about everything? Always asking why. Climbing things unnecessarily. Finding the unknown fascinating. A new adventure. Spending countless hours obsessing over a strange hobby like collecting stones (yes I had a shoe box full of stones I had collected from all over the place!).

Well, it is that feeling I want to capture. I want all your senses to become heightened. So you can escape to a place of wonder and hopefully delight but at the very least just a moment of reflection.

Drawing Adventures

If I travel, so do my drawings. I love giving even more life to my drawings by taking photographs of them in beautiful places. Check out the Colour section in the Gallery to see some of my drawing adventures.


Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we were born.
— Albert Einstein

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